Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is about finding your stories – your connection to the sacred Other however you describe that aspect of your knowing which rests in your heart as well as your head – and the language to integrate that knowing into your everyday life. As a spiritual director I walk with you as you step out of busy routines to take time to listen to your own soul talk.

Have you ever had trouble making a decision? You go through all your decision-making strategies and still can’t find clarity. I’ve learned when that happens to me, I’m asking the wrong question – consulting my head only when the answer rests partially in my heart. And the clarity is not a decision but discernment – ‘listening with the ear of the heart’, as Benedictine author Mary Margaret Funk says. Our connection to the larger universe is constant; our awareness of it is often blocked by thinking without feeling. We each choose how we resist or welcome that connection. By honoring it, we are able to live more harmoniously within the limits as well as the richness of our own mind/body and the earth. Learning how to identify and access that connection is the work of spiritual direction.

Through my theological curiosity, I welcome working with individuals and couples who find themselves either on the cusp of a particular religion, who are exploring other religions, or who identify as ‘spiritual, but not religious’. My sessions tend toward the informal as I tap into the energy you bring into the room with you. As I sit with you I look for the confluence of the stories you bring and the influence of spirit. There is often laughter, sometimes tears and if we are well matched – connection. I invite you to find new ways to communicate with yourself as well as the broader world.

I ask that your bring willingness to open to your spirit and the wisdom that is already within you. Interfaith Spiritual Center offers a sliding scale fee schedule of $50-100 per hour – though I have never refused to offer direction for financial reasons.


Mandala image in banner by artist Mary Robertson, Mandalas 50 Hand Drawn Illustrations Vol. 1.

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