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Listen to your Soul

I see the world through story. One that has stayed with me for many years was told by singer songwriter Fran McKendree (“The Parable of the Trapeze”). There is a man on a flying trapeze. With each swing he is invited to let go and fly to the next trapeze. There is someone on that trapeze waiting to catch him, encouraging him to let go of his hold. But he is afraid. So he swings back and forth trying to screw up the courage to move on. Finally he lets go – only to find that life happens in the flying between. That image has always resonated with me as I confront my own fears and how I use them to stay attached to a past I cannot change. What I need to let go is faith in something larger than my own thoughts – that which connects me to my true potential, my bliss. That is how I understand God’s promise to me – an energetic invitation to move closer to a sense of peace I imagine awaits me.

I heard a rabbi tell a story from the Jewish Midrash – ancient stories which put scripture into context. It is about a boy who goes into the woods every day. His father asks him why and he explains that he goes there to find God. His father asks him if he’s aware that God is everywhere and no different in the woods than in the town. The boy answers that he knows God is no different – but he is.

These two stories help me understand the work I need to do to be in right relation with my life’s own promise. It is my own quest which fuels my passionate desire to walk with you on your journey.

While the form of my work changes, thankfully, there have been constants – a love of service, an appreciation of story, an insatiable curiosity with a dose of skepticism, an offbeat sense of humor, and a drive to build connections where there appear to be none – all in the name of creating a more peaceful world.

Today I offer spiritual direction through the Interfaith Spiritual Center in N. Portland, OR. I prefer meeting in person, but I am available through Skype as well. I am also available for ministry services including weddings, (I especially love working with interfaith couples!), memorial services and celebrations of life, classes and workshops (I love looking for the intersections of different theologies), and pulpit supply.

Mandala image in banner by artist Mary Robertson, Mandalas 50 Hand Drawn Illustrations Vol. 1.

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